Loadsharers is a volunteer network of people agreeing to fund Load Bearing Internet People so the Internet’s infrastructure will stay healthy.

If you don’t know what a Load Bearing Internet Person is you might want to read this, read this first.

This is my adviser page. To follow my Loadsharers-related updates as they issue, subscribe to my feed on Patreon or gofundme.com

Why me as an adviser?

I have been fighting to keep the edge of the internet working well since 1983, working on ad-blocking software, and embedded linux. Most recently I co-founded the Bufferbloat Project, which, by thoroughly testing new algorithms like fq_codel and cake, releasing open source code, following up with academic publications, and pursuing IETF standardization, has now covered the world - fq_codel, in particular, is now the default qdisc in linux and Apple’s IOS and OSX.

How we describe LBIPs

Need: How much financial strain they’re under. This might change over time as they get more patrons - we’ll try to give their remittance links so you can check for yourself.

Criticality: How much we stands to lose now if the LBIP collapses.

Past service: Often LBIPs knocked themselves out for decades to make the infrastructure we all rely on now, and got very little thanks for it. I feel like this deserves some reward. If you agree, you can do something about it.

My list of LBIP candidates

Links, where I can give them, are to the LBIP’s account on Patreon or some other remittance service.

  • Eric S. Raymond. Without him, and me inhabiting his basement periodically, the cerowrt project would have not succeeded, and, your WiFi would still be slow. He struggles to keep the original ideals of the open source movement alive.

    Need: Very high. Criticality: High. Past service: Very high.
  • Simon Kelley. (Simon promises a Patreon link soon) Maintains Dnsmasq, the most widely-used DNS implementation in the world, essentially solo. A new face in LBIP-land. Need: Medium. Criticality: High. Past service: High.

  • Jonathon Morton

I will add links and more as I discover them. It’s early days yet.

My list of other LBIP advisers

An important feature of the Loadsharers design is that it needs to be robust against single-point failure. Thus, I should not be the only person advising loadsharers where their support money can usefully go.

Eventually we’ll have more advisers. They’ll have their own Loadsharers pages which will link to each other and back to here so that each one both shares in and contributes to the credibility of all of them.

Advice to advisers: have a page organized roughly like this one. It will be helpful if we’re all offering similar classification systems to loadsharers.